Listed 03/03/2021
Auditions Close 14/03/2021
Project Deadline 14/03/2021
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MANY Spike Spiegels needed for short Cowboy Bebop parody


Here's a short project from a creator we really believe in. We found Euan very recently through their casting call but after spending several hours looking through their content, it was apparent they are a talented creator!

Find Euan's past projects here

Some of our favourite work of Euan's include Name Tag, A World on Fire and perhaps our ultimate favourite, a Steven Universe song

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Got a solid Spike impression? Got a mediocre Spike impression? Got a terrible Spike impression? All are welcome! This is a shitpost for a dumb idea I had:
It's a party. The party is full of countless Spike Spiegels, all holding red cups, all talking over each other. Two people walk in. "Ah shit." "What?" "Someone spiked the punch."
Budum tsss. Thunderous applause.

It'll be badly animated by myself and slapped on YouTube so JOIN THE FUN!
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