Listed 21/06/2021
Auditions Close 25/06/2021
Project Deadline 25/06/2021
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We The Celestials: My Hero Academia Abridged Project


Hey everyone, my name is Tanner, I’m the head Voice Actor for the My Hero Academia Abridged project currently being developed by The YouTube group We The Celestials. 

Yes, as the title states, this opening is for an ongoing abridged series developed by a talented team of writers, editors, and voice actors. 

This casting call is a copy post of the previous "We The Celestials My Hero Abridged posting we put up 3 months ago. (LINK TO THE ORIGINAL POST CAN BE FOUND HERE -

The reasoning for this post is because our previous Izuku Midoriya VA had to leave the project due to IRL issues and because of this, were making a new posting to find a new VA to voice Midoriya in our abridged series. For the time being, Izuku is the only character were looking for with this project. but if more spots become open in the future, we'll post them here.

If you're down to work with a YouTube group that has 61,000+ subscribers and work with a talented team on putting together an abridged anime series, we welcome all voiceover artists to audition for this project. Please read the following below before you begin auditioning.


  • You must be 16 years or older to audition for this project.
  • You must have a discord account. This is so you can keep in touch with the WTC team, receive scripts, & easily upload finished work to be edited.
  • The writing in this series will have swearing and a bunch of  crude TeamFourstar/South Park styled dark humor. if you are not OK with reading a script that will likely have offensive content & require you to cuss, Do not audition for this project.
  • Auditions must be of great quality. Any auditions that are of poor quality (Background noise, Echo, Poor Quality Microphone, Room reverb, too quiet, etc.) will not be acceptedNo exceptions
  • This position will require long-term commitment, so if you get picked for a role, be ready to work alongside us for at least 2-3 years or so. (There's alot of MHA episodes to dub.)
  • This isn't a requirement but please do 2-3 takes of each line for the character your trying out for.


This role will be a paid position. You'll be paid based on patreon support.

Thank you for reading & good luck to those who audition!

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