Listed 21/06/2021
Auditions Close 30/06/2021
Project Deadline 30/06/2021
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P5R Trailer Fandub Haru RECAST


Hello once again my Purse Owner lovers! Due to some personal circumstances, we have to recast for Haru Okumura. We have already dubbed some P5R trailers so this is the only one with Haru now! Some (if not most) lines will be shortened in order to fit the time frame of certain scenes in the trailers. So, if you think you can do justice for this fine character, consider this your own public calling card!

A separate Twitter account was made in order to help promote the trailers. They upload Persona related content as well as polls for which trailer to dub next. If you're interested in that stuff, consider following them!
Phantom Voices Twitter: 

If for some reason the explainer video isn't working, here's my channel where the trailers are being uploaded! Click on the word "channel"!!!

Have decent audio quality. At Least USB with little to no background noise.

 Have some knowledge of the game and the trailers. 

 Submit your audio files in either a .wav or .mp3 format.

 Please look up the character's original voices to try to match theirs.

 Please look at all the trailers to get an idea of the workload you’ll receive. Don’t strain yourself.

 Have a discord. All communication will be through there.


 Do NOT slate your audition or do more than 3 takes per line.

  1. Good luck and have fun!

    1. NOTE: For now, we are ONLY doing the P5R trailers at the moment. If we want to dub other things, that will be up to the rest of the cast.

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