Below are projects submitted by Proejct Directors directly to Voudio.

LEGO Punisher

Created: 10/01/2021

Auditions Close: 31/01/2021

Category: Fan Fiction

Status: Published

Example Project

Created: 20/12/2020

Auditions Close: 28/02/2021

Category: Other

Status: Published


Below are projects we have found around the internet that we have vetted and believe to be of high quality. Contact Us with a link to your project if you'd like us to feature you here.


Auditions Close: 15/05/2021

Category: Fan Fiction

MANY Spike Spiegels needed for short Cowboy Bebop parody

Auditions Close: 14/03/2021

Category: Other

Crimes of Alorion - A Minecraft Film

Auditions Close: 12/02/2021

Category: Machinima

Example Directory

Auditions Close: 25/02/5255

Category: Other