Alpha Access?

Voudio is currently in 'Alpha'. In this stage, there is enough functionality to use the website, however, it does not represent the final product. There are a lot of features we are aiming to implement in the feature! There may be some bugs/issues with the way some features work, however this is normal during this phase of development. We are actively working with users to create the best possible product, which is why we have created a ticket system to make it easy for users to report any issues they come across.

Project Directors

As a project director you can submit your project to our directory. We take the time to review every project that is submitted to ensure that it is ready to progress to the casting phase and has a high chance of being completed. If your project does not meet the requirements, don't worry! We will help guide you through the process in order to get your project approved and ready for casting. In the future, we will also be implementing an audition system. As a project director, you will be able to view, manage, and cast voice talent for your projects directly through the website.

Voice Talent

Voudio hosts a directory with a wide variety of pre-vetted projects, making it easy to find high quality casting calls. As a voice actor, you can create a professional profile which can host your qualifications, demo reels, testimonials, completed projects, and more! We are currently working on an 'audition' feature, which will allow you to audition for our pre-vetted projects directly through the website using your professional profile.

The Voudio vetting process is not designed to limit creators in any way. Instead, it is used as a tool to help you optimize your audition results. It also serves to help combat two pain points that most projects run into.

  1. By ensuring the project is ready to launch to voice talent, we help project directors to increase auditions and engagement, making the casting process simple and efficient. Our vetting process benefits directors by helping them create a framework which ultimately aims to increase project visibility wherever they choose to promote their project.
  2. The vetting process helps connect voice talent with projects that are ready to begin the casting phase. We ensure that each project has a clear direction, plenty of available information, a finalized script, and fully fleshed out characters/roles. This eliminates the possibility of voice talent entering a project that is not yet in the recording phase, allowing them to avoid conflicting deadlines.

The Voudio vetting process is simple and user friendly. We have a framework in place that details all of the project requirements. After you have submitted the details of your project, we will review your submission and message you through our website's ticket system with any changes/updates needed. Once your project has been approved for casting, we will accept your submission and your project will be added to our directory. If you have any questions along the way, don't hesitate to get in touch!